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Alessio Nittoli Alessio Nittoli

Hi! My name is Alessio Nittoli and I am a Technical SEO Specialist at Search On Media Group, a marketing agency in Italy where I joined at the beginning of 2018. I work daily with medium-big projects with different business models.

In the 2016 I co-founded Atmos Media, a performance marketing agency working mainly with affiliate marketing.

When I am not busy with search engines I usually write code for new personal projects or for people who work every day with me.

I use Python as main programming language, using regularly libraries like Django, Scrapy and Selenium.

I am also confident with JS (I know Vanilla and a bit of ES6), and recently I started studying Vue.

In April this year I was a speaker at Advanced SEO Tool in Bologna, Italy. This event is one of the biggest in Italy dedicated to SEO. In my speech I explained some dataviz techniques in SERP (i.e. structured data visualized with D3.js) and some machine learning techniques to categorize content.

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