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Alessio Nittoli Alessio Nittoli

Hi! My name is Alessio Nittoli and I am a SEO Specialist at eBay Classifieds Group where I joined at the beginning of 2020.

My previous role was Technical SEO Specialist at Search On Media Group, a marketing agency in Italy where I joined in 2018. I have dealt with medium-big projects with different business models.

In the 2016 I co-founded Atmos Media, a performance marketing agency working mainly with affiliate marketing.


When I am not busy with search engines I usually write code for new personal projects or for people who work every day with me.

I use Python as main programming language, using regularly libraries like Django, Scrapy and Selenium.

I am also confident with JS (I know Vanilla and a bit of ES6), and recently I started studying Vue.

As a Speaker

At the end of 2019, I was invited as a speaker for the 14th edition of Search Marketing Connect, an advanced event for search marketing professionals.

In my two speeches, I talked about JavaScript for search engines, its evolution, best practices when approaching sites that rely on this technology, and new research related to Natural Language Processing applicable to SEO.

In April 2019 I was a speaker at Advanced SEO Tool in Bologna, Italy. This event is one of the biggest in Italy dedicated to SEO. In my speech I explained some dataviz techniques in SERP (i.e. structured data visualized with D3.js) and some machine learning techniques to categorize content.

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